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Maria Isabel Javellana
Artist | Professional | Varied
Ria, or "Fuu" as known to her friends, is an Animation Student and professional illustrator, comic artist and polymer clay sculptor.
She has also some Nursing education as well as an International Culinary Arts Degree.

Her interests include: watching anime and western/Disney animations, mainly, (since she has a very deep emotional connection with Disney movies in particular).

She has a profound passion for the art and industry of animation and aspires to one day be a successful animator and visual development artist. In her spare time, she also bakes, designs jewelry, sculpts and writes stories.

She is a pioneer Cosplayer in her (current city of) Bacolod, Philippines. She belongs to the Cosplay team "tinta|productions", which had its origins in indie comics creations, which was the original intention for the team---hence the name "TINTA" which means "INK" in her native Filipino dialect.
She has also been a performer, an emcee as well as a judge in a few Cosplay/costume events in her city.

She is currently pursuing her dream of becoming a professional animator and improving her skills in various media.

Her most recent professional illustration work is a book by author, TIM WHITNEY, called: TROY, the elf. It is a children's bedtime storybook, that teaches many values and lessons.…
  • Mood: Anguish
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  • Watching: the monitor....and Ace Ventura clips!
  • Playing: Cookie Shop/Gourmet Chef/MySims DS
  • Eating: chocolate torte cake
  • Drinking: Water...
Like I said...this update is grossly overdue! My last entry was Dec. 14...gosh...

>>>About life in general from Dec. 2008 to early 2009

Well...most of my close friends already know in detail the events of my life not too long ago. 2008 went out with a BAng so to speak. I got my Christmas wish without even realizing it. That being, spending Christmas, more or less
(in chat anyway), with the person I WANTED TO SPEND CHRISTMAS WITH. DEveloping new relatioships and maintaining old ones. 2008 was a roller coaster of a year: it started out like I WAS GOING TO DO SUICIDE...AND IT ENDED REALLY WELL. THAT WAS MY FAVORITE LIFE-CHANGING far. I learned a lot and grew up in 2008.

>>>2009 and onward...

This year so far has been miraculous to say the least. I can't tell you how frighteningly well things went with me at the start of this  year. More or less everything I WANTED WAS GIVEN TO ME...not material desires mind you. The steppingstones to my dreams have been laid out...almost. One of my dreams came true but with a little snag. I found the love of my life and hopefully, with God's will, we'll stay together until the end.

     Culinary school has been a blast! I love food and I believe I have a genuine passion for cooking. Not so much being a restauranteur or something, i don't know, maybe I'm just afraid to go that far? We shall see mon ami! I love to bake and create things and make people happy with the things I've come up with~!
     I am quite laid-back in life and the thought of OJT (on-the-job-training) SCARES THE BAJEEBERS OUTTA ME, but I guess in every job you GOTTA START SOMEWHERE RIGHT? I still havent given up on my dream to be an animator at Disney, though now being in a relationship brings all new challenges to the roster. >_< I never regret going into the relationship as it has done a great deal of good for me and my guy...AND frustrations to our friends...but I thank them whole-heartedly for their support and...lectures. I love you guys!

2009 I believe will be a most challenging year for me. This year I am required to "grow up" or "face the music". It's been fun but this year has down its road SAD GOODBYES...NOT REALLY GOODBYE...JUST FAREWELLS...and ample challenges, those which require me to STEP VERY FAR AWAY FROM MY COMFORT ZONE. I'M SCARED. UTTERLY AFRAID. I CAN'T TELL YA HOW MUCH MY KNEES WANNA TURN TO JELLY at the thought of the things I have to face. Sure, those who know what I'm talking about might say that's nothing, but  we have our own sets of fears and abilities to cope. I pray that I'm strong enough to see things through to the end. Amen!


     In my emails to friends, I have already shared my disgust and sever disappointment on the issue.…
To those not familiar of this issue: the bottom line is that a Hong Kong columnist Chip Tsao wrote a severly insulting article about the Filipino people, which an excerpt is found on the link above. "As a nation of servant, you do not flex your muscles at your master, from whom you earn most of your bread and butter." DAMN...excuse me???? Country of servants??? EXCusE MEEEE???? Some argue that the article can be read in different perspectives, as a satire or something. And this Chip Tsao person has formally apologized to the Philippine government… but still...that's besides the point. I have too much class and a proper upbringing to stoop down to the level of backlashing at him...*hem hem* Plus, I'm no racist either!
     My point for being  severly upset is this: MOM FREAKING CANCELLED MY VACATION TO HONGKONG DISNEYLAND!!!!! All because of that article and boycott on Hongkong. DAMMMIT!! We cant go to Disneyland Anaheim or even Disneyworld in Florida (God I love Forida!!) cuz we can't afford it anymore. T_T And the HKDL trip was to introduce the babies (my 6 and 7 year old nieces) to the magical place that is Disneyland!!! T_T I did all my research, called several travel agencies just to get the perrrfect package...and it all blows up on my face...I even shopped for funky clothes to wear to Hongkong which is ironic...cuz Shinjuku is soooo the place to my opinion. ^_^v yeah! So more Disneyland...I think my heart just collapsed. *sigh* oh well...

>>>>Summer vacation...

I HAVE NONE. *PERIOD* My classes are ongoing until September or until December on the same schedule every day... Mon-WEd 5:30-9:30pm or occasionally 2:00-6:00pm...My friend Michelle invited us to her home in Bantayan island...beautiful white sands!! TAKE A GANDER AT THAT, MON AMI:…
But I'm not sure when exactly. ^_^ Hope that turns out well...but no bOys allowed sooo...sorry wo Airen! I SOOOO ENVY MICHELLE FOR LIVING THERE!

>_< I want CrazyCrepes from Boracayyyy!!!

Ahhhh....the Philippines is tres magnifique! ^_^v I love being a Filipina! ^_^v Yeeeeeaaaah!!!

i HOPE to upload some new stuff today...I'VE done qite a lot but they'r enot that good...

Well, i bid everyone a happy summer (unlike me) and to everyone else, ENJOY YOUR BREAKS!!!! wOOHAAA!

Happy 60th birthday mommy (April 8, 2009)!!!!!

I love Jim Carrey!!!!…… SExXY!!!!… the best performance EVERRRR!!!

Hasta la huego! Ciao!

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Golly! You're sooo welcome! Your CalArts portfolio really inspired me to work harder on my portfolio for 2012...which I just mailed yesterday! Ur trully an inspiration! Gosh I hope I can make it! (Haven't posted anything here on DA for over 2 years
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oh wow! Good luck on your portfolio review! Let me know how it goes. Maybe I'll be seeing you next year. :D
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holy moley!!! Why am i only NOW, seeing this???? Oh gosh, i'm soooo jeally, i didnt make the cut for CalArts 2012....*sad* but I'll try thing is the fact that I dont have a TOEFL score (being an international student and all...*sigh*)

I did receive an email from Walt Disney Animation Studios to update my portfolio which is in consideration right now, but i highly doubt they'll snag me...i feel unworthy...!!! HOW IS CALARTS???? (you're sooo luckyyyy~ <3)
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:tears: I MISS YOU FUFU!!!! It's been FOREVER since I last heard from you! What's going on? 8'(
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